An Intimate Wedding in Poole | Joe & Helena


I first met Joe & Helena back in August 2018.  Immediately, we just clicked & was so delighted they wanted me to capture their special day.  Their wedding was originally planned at Sopley Mill, near Christchurch in March 2020 & was my first for that year.  Although it sadly fell just after the first lockdown was introduced.  I can’t believe at the time of writing this in June 2021 weddings are only just getting back to some normality!  Their sprits & positivity was just mind blowing & it honestly felt like we become good friends throughout such a stressful time.  In fact I’m just blown away with every one of my clients for all their kind words, generosity & positivity throughout this whole pandemic.

Joe & Helena didn’t want to postpone anymore & just wanted to celebrate their love with their nearest & dearest family, even at the cost of completely changing all their plans.  I often get asked what’s your favourite venue & I always think its not how luxurious a venue is, but it’s the people that make a wedding what it truly is……….beautiful.  The connection Joe & Helena had with their families was so special to witness & they weren’t afraid to show emotion, which is something I find so beautiful.  I even cried on my own wedding day!  My goal with photography is always the same.  I’m not there to over direct or crack constant one liner jokes so you start laughing for the camera.  Instead in a sensitive way I’m there to document what really happened, without you really noticing me.

Joe & Helena’s wedding started off at the RNLI college.  The weather was as predicted a complete washout.  Although just literally before heading to the Poole Registry Office for the ceremony it couldn’t have been more opposite.  I was so happy for them!

After the ceremony we then travelled to a nearby woodland for their couple photos.  Joe brought along some smoke grenades which were great fun!

Thanks again guys for the journey & for having me there to celebrate & document your wedding day.

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An Intimate Wedding in Poole | Joe & Helena

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